Brown Rat

Here are several pictures of the brown rat, aka Norway rat, scientifically known as Ratus Norvegicus. Find out how the Black rat looks like by click the link above.

brown rat gnawing
Brown rats are also expert jumpers, climbers and of course swimmers.
brown rat in field
Brown rats have an extraordinary ability to reproduce, several times per year.
brown rat drinking water
Brown rats carry diseases that may be fatal to humans and pets.
brown rat in roof
Brown rats are one of the most serious mammalian pests on Earth.

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  1. I live in the country side and have a shed at the btm of my property about 1500 too 2000 ft from my house. It used too be an cattle shed and I converted half of it into an chicken house. For about 2yrs I kept them in the chicken house and just last yr I took the cattle shoot out and turned it into an outside pen for the chickens. I cut a hole in the back of the shed and put a small door on it so the chickens can go in and out. I have 14 hens and they lay eggs. Until this year I didn’t have any issues with rats but now I have a bad infestation and am thinking of getting rid of the chickens because I’m afraid that the rats may give my chickens deseases or someone who eats there eggs desease. The rats have created mounds of dirt around the shed and a ditch all around the shed. I’ve put rat poison out in hidden crevises around the shed and have killed prob 20 too 25 rats but am scared of killing other animals that may get too the carcuses before I do too dispose of them. The rats are brown rats.

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