Peppermint Oil for Mice – The Aromatic Solution to Mouse Problems

The best solution to your problems with mice might just be around the corner of your own home.

Despite the availability of several products designed to get rid of mice fast, more than 60 of American families are still looking into do-it-yourself ways to address their house mouse problems. This statistic is no longer surprising considering the hassle involved with some commercial products.

Mouse traps for instance can be fast solutions to mouse problems, but they can also be messy. As a homeowner, you have to deal with disposing either dead or live mice. Apparently, not all people are brave enough to do this daunting task. Moreover, mouse poison can be a less abrasive way of dealing with mice, but these products have also been flagged as hazardous to humans and pets.

It’s reassuring to know that there are less marketed products that also have trusted effects against mice. One of the most effective, yet natural ways to scare the troublesome four-legged pests in your house is by grabbing some peppermint oil. Some houses may already have this, but have not considered using it against mice, yet.

Peppermint oil is more commonly used in homes as a disinfectant, because of its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. This is often mixed with cleaner sprays to enhance sanitation, while providing a more relaxing smell. The peppermint scent is also one of the favorite scent to use for house modifiers.

So how does peppermint oil work against mice?

Mice detest peppermint oil. Since they have stronger sense of smell than humans, these animals can barely go near anything that has a predominant peppermint scent. To ensure maximum effectiveness, pour a generous amount of pepper oil in a cloth or cotton ball, and place it in the usual path of the mouse. With the intense scent of peppermint oil, mice will not be able to proceed to their usual direction, thus keeping them away from your food and other house items. It may take few more days to permanently get rid of all the mice in the house, but this technique will certainly save you from the messy process of cleaning after a dead mouse, day after day. Peppermint oil makes the mice avoid your house premises, quite voluntarily.

Planting peppermint plants is also a good way to prevent the mice from coming back. These plants are likewise effective mice deterrent, and are best placed around the entry ways of the house. Not only will this keep mice away, but also other house pests like ants, spiders, and moths. Lest you run out of peppermint oil for mice, especially during the colder season, the leaves of your own peppermint plant can already be processed to produce more oil.

Peppermint oil may not be a popular item in the pest control options, but anyone who has discovered its powerful impact against mice has considered it as their secret weapon against these house pests. Peppermint oil for mice is undoubtedly one of the safest and cheapest solutions worth trying by household.

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