Safe Mouse Repellent for Home Use

The common house mouse doesn’t even weigh more than a kilo but it gives homeowners a lot of problems. They destroy what they can get their teeth on like nibbling through shoes and clothing. They’re leftover lovers which is really dangerous because their saliva contains lots of dangerous microorganisms that can cause life-threatening diseases. These are the main reasons why they’re considered as pests.

When we say pests, we immediately think pesticides. These products are a chemical mixture that can kill pests instantly. In other words they’re poisonous not only to the mouse but it can also potentially poison the people living in the house if it gets to anything that we ingest like food and water. The small chance of getting yourself poisoned by the very same thing that you’d use to kill your common pest would let you think twice about using these products.

Enter mice repellents. From the term itself, this products doesn’t kill anything, they have been engineered either by nature or by man to ward off your common house mouse. These items when used are made up of the ingredients that irritate, repulse, and/or mice avoid.

Attack the senses

One of the best examples is ammonia, a chemical that is contained in the waste of the animals that feed on mice like snakes, cats, and owl. This is a distinct smell that mice easily recognize and they altogether avoid because they’re scared of their predators. If you put ammonia-filled cotton balls near areas where mice enter, the scent will serve as a mouse deterrent.

Shake away, a popular mice control product, has the same attributes as ammonia in deterring mice. They let the mice think that predators live in your home. The smell of this product mimics the smell of either a bobcat or a fox targeting the survival instinct of the mouse to avoid the place where they might get hunted.

Another popular product is the Mouse Away Concentrate. It is a natural mouse repellent made by a company called, SomaTherapy. The concentrate is made up of plant oils mainly from spearmint and peppermint. Based on the statistics, the mouse away concentrate is actually ranked atop the list of natural mice repellents in the market.

Lastly, we have products that fall under the category of electronic mouse repellent. These types of products use the science of sound where sonic waves are being emitted to ward of pests. You can buy gadgets that specifically target mice because it releases a sound frequency in the range that irritates these rodents. When they hear it, they immediately scatter away to avoid it.

Take Away

Most of the aforementioned options you can use to repel mice are actually safer than using poison. Natural means are really safe and effective because they don’t bring harm to the household. These are great alternatives that will help you, end your long time problem with the pesky house mouse.

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  1. going to replace a concrete garage floor with large cracks and afraid rats are under. can i pour ammonia is cracks or boric acid. want to get rid of any before they break the concrete up. what do you suggest. Thank you

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