Top Indications of a Mice Infestation

Ever wonder where those squeaks and scratches during night time come from? It might be a sign that a house mouse is in your home. These small rodents can quickly infest your area if you don’t act on their invasion immediately.

Saying this is easy, but before anything can be done homeowners should know the first warning signs that their house is about to have a mice infestation problem. These pests are most active after the sun goes down where they come out in the open to search for food and move around.

This is why we can somehow associate the unfamiliar sound or smell to the rodent living in your lot. You might think that a single house mouse scurrying around your house is a problem you can ignore. However,it should be alarming enough to know that with the nature of these rodents they can proliferate in a matter of weeks without you even noticing. Thus, you have to be vigilant so you could avoid a mice infestation.

Vigilance is one thing, but you must know what to look out for so your search is focused and accurate. For owners, the typical house mouse leaves trails that indicate they’re currently residing inside you building.

Mice Poo

A house mouse keeps its food and consumes it little by little and because of that they defecate a whole lot throughout the course of a night. With their irregular eating habit, fecal matter can be spread around your home. Their waste is dark-colored and tiny which is easy to spot if you see it.

An active mouse nest would drop a lot of fresh waste which is also a sign of an early infestation. If you’re not entirely sure that the poo was excreted recently, you still proceed to clean-up duties and sanitation but you have to remember the area where you found the droppings. The day after, you must come back to the place and see if there are new mice feces and if you find some then you can conclude that they’re fresh and your house has been invaded by mice.

A house mouse explores areas where the smell of food is prominent, which means that their feces can be also found in the same parts of your home. You first check for poo in areas like cupboards and walls near food areas.

Mouse Markings

The humid and dirty environment that mice live in causes their hair to be wrapped with oil. This becomes grease marks when they run around looking for food through the usual passageways that they take. They move by squeezing through holes and staying near walls which makes their hairs rub on these surfaces leaving visible stains.

A house that has a lot of mice living inside may have a lot of urine pillars. These are marks made from urine, grease, dirt, and other materials found in their hairs. Such materials get caught on their hair because they live close to each other and on top of their waste. But before you conclude a heavy infestation, you must look at other signs because a grease mark that gets rubbed constantly by the same mouse may create a urine pillar as well.

Unfamiliar Sounds

A house mouse is a very careful creature and by that i mean it checks its area diligently. They do this through the use of their senses except their eyes because it is weak when compared to others.

All throughout the night, mice explore and stay active. Their activity involves scratching surfaces like wood and cement to investigate the area and while they’re searching for leftovers. If you hear scratching sounds late at night, then it is safe to assume that a mouse is causing that.

Flexibility and agility allows a mouse to move around and in between cracks on walls. When they get to these areas they continue to move and make sounds which explains why you hear irritating sounds coming from the inside of your wall or ceiling.


Seeing a mouse moving around your house may be a sign of an infestation because they generally live as families with a nesting area. The quickness of the house mouse allows them to move around and collect materials to build their nests on a certain spot in your home. Mice can build their nests anywhere but usually these animals prefer a place that is quiet and strategically placed where they can collect food faster.

Water isn’t too much of an issue for these creatures because the liquid inside the food they eat is usually enough for them to survive the day. If they do feel thirsty, mice only consume as much as 3 milliliters of water and they’re good for that day.

The hollow parts of walls, ceilings, floors are the most common nesting spots. Some mice are bolder where they build their nests under the refrigerator, stove tops, and even the cupboard.

If you find their nests, you can see that the materials they use to build it usually mimics their natural habitat as if they were living in the wild. Tree products are usually the materials they bring in. For example, papers, cloth, and cardboards.

Once they have built their nest and the conditions are just right for them to thrive, their population can shoot up quickly without you noticing. One litter can have as many as 8 mouse pups which adds to 10 mice per litter on average. It can grow out of proportion if the owner doesn’t make the necessary moves to stop it.

Mouse Tracks

A house mouse when active can leave footprints and when you trace these tracks you may be led to their nest or one of their route. To make it visible, you can try and shine some light on a spot that you think mice have been travelling through and if you see little footprints then that is it. Mouse tracks don’t get wiped off easily. In fact, they may stay there for a couple of months which means it would be difficult to know if they’re fresh tracks or not. If you want to know exactly how fresh some of the tracks you found are, applying talcum powder on the spot might help. Spread it over the route you suspect mice are taking and observe if it reveals new tracks the next day.

Visible Evidence

“To see is to believe”, a common saying that applies to a mice infestation. Mice that are freely moving in your kitchen or just outside your house is a warning sign that they’re currently living within your lot.

In the case where you see a house mouse during a sunny day, then you should consider taking aggressive measures to get rid of these mice because a sight like that clearly indicates an infestation. A mouse will not abandon its nocturnal nature to forage for food unless they’re forced to do so because of the heavy competition for food in their area. You would be lucky if their nest had just been damaged or somehow experienced a disturbance that pushed them to move around.

Awful Smell

Along with the aforementioned signs above, if you get awful smells that are clearly coming from urine and feces then you clearly have a bad mice infestation. Traces of their strong smell are left as they move around your house particularly near their nesting areas. The stronger the odor the nearer you are to either their nest or where they move around.

Final Take

There are a lot of things you have to check to confirm a mice infestation or to prevent it to go from one mouse to several nests. Narrow down your search from the information you’ve got above. One by one check for each clue and make an evaluation.

Mice infestations can easily go out of hand for every single day that you ignore them. They also pose high health risks for the humans and pets living inside the house. Urgency is crucial in addressing these seemingly obnoxious traces of house mouse in your place. To ensure full recovery of the house from the infestation, it is best to coordinate with a pest control firm for a massive house sanitation. This can be inconvenient at first, but this is also a sure way to prevent another round of mice infestation.

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  1. Amarillo Texas
    Home invasion, they are throughout the walls. Never seen anything like that every… Help

  2. lots of food dishes in sink..they got into my chips..pretzels in cabinets..cookies tossed cookies out..and I spray bleach on counters every day..and trash out every garbage in trash..I have someone coming to help me with 20 traps,,found one this am on sticky the nerve..put in plastic bag and out the door..and NO food ever on counter of luck…

  3. Hi, I have a mice infestation problem, I live in australia, in melbourne victoria, having problems with the trap, difficult to use.

  4. Hi I must have a mouse infestation because my house smells very strong of urine and I constantly clean and can’t get rid of the smell. Any ideas how to get rid of them, I have a toddler and puppy so I would prefer no kind of poisons.

    1. Vinegar is amazing on urine smells, I use it as I have 2 cats and a dog that seem to sometimes miss the designated toilet places

    2. Live traps. Hav-a-hart, Repeaters, etc. You certainly don’t want to use poisons. Glue traps are inhumane. They will chew off their own feet to get loose!

  5. I thought I kicked somrthing soft when I walked into a dark room it felt soft and no indication of droppings or tracks , but Iam puzzled at what my foot touched. I have stickes & the socket noise in my oulets but no sign of anything. What can I do to I!.I am still puzzled my foot touched something more than ?/ or will they make their way out I have no food what should I do?

  6. Only suspect due to small hole in bananas left out over night. Finally, the hole was bigger in a new bunch in different place. Nearby were dropping, I think, but also things that seemed like wood shavings, different colors, maybe from paper. No noises tho. Could this be snakes or lizards? I live in a 2-story townhouse (row house attached on both sides). This “problem” only in kitchen so far at least. Thanks!

    1. Paul, since u clearly aren’t getting answers here, I will tell u (as a country girl from Ky who currently has her own mouse infestation)…what u saw is sure sign of mice! Nesting materials, poo, plus they are eating your food Paul. Pleeeeaaassssse take the steps now to eliminate those nasty creatures, I feel that they are a plague upon humanity & had I know how quickly this problem would escalate from 1-2 mice to what I am going thru right now…well, u can bet your last dollar I would have put a stop to it immediately!! It’s kind of like trying to clean up after an atomic bomb, when you could’ve just cut off the fuse to start with. Consider this free advice from someone who definitely & unfortunately knows what they are talking about, good luck Paul!

    2. I also am having this problem, I also live in a town house, the very end so I have only one neighbor. I caught 6 mice so far within a 3 month period. I now have not seen any evidence of droppings, just new holes. The landlord only called pest control and they left big metal trap boxes. I have not seen one in about a month, I however have heard them scratching, certain noises that sound like mice. new holes, they are destroying my bedroom closet walls, there is now a part that sags because of them chewing through to make holes. I see mouse fur (greasy and yucky) just have not seen the mice. There are 3 other residents beside me, and next door to them that are having the same issue. It is driving me nuts, hearing them, seeing evidence of chewing, my closet being destroyed (me having to sleep in my bedroom knowing they are probably scurrying around my room, and my bed is on the floor so they can easily get on my bed, yuck!) they won’t even take any of the traps. I am wondering if they are starting to move to the other townhouses and I am just hearing them traveling or something. All my food is up, nothing for them to feed on.

      1. That sounds more like rats if I they are destroying your walls. I’d move if it was that bad. I found one baby Rat in my house. I’m trying to trap it now. My cats let it get away twice!! I want it dead!!

      2. Hi Brook, I am feeling exactly the same way. They are a terrible pest. It sounds like we both have a mouse infestation. I hope you have been able to solve this problem. Best of luck.

  7. Only suspect due to small hole in bananas left out over night. Finally, the hole was bigger in a new bunch in different place. Nearby were dropping, I think, but also things that seemed like wood shavings, different colors, maybe from paper. No noises tho. Could this be snakes or lizards? I live in a 2-story townhouse (row house attached on both sides). This “problem” only in kitchen so far at least. Thanks! I’m in Bangkok, Thailand and just moved into this place.

  8. Please give me a call at 917-362-7842 at your earliest convenience to discuss your rates. I live in New York City. I have a nice infestation in my apartment and need these darn critters to stop getting into my kitchen appliances! Thank you!

  9. We have caught 20 mice on glue traps already what else can i do it had only been 2 weeks that the traps have been out we live in south Louisiana my name is Kenny we just remodeled this home it was vacant for over a year please help

  10. Help, we have mice in our home, we have two toddlers and a dog. We have tried safe traps and hidden snap and glue traps. They had been on a routine tromping through our kitchen as soon as we go upstairs. I even saw one whizz past me I the hallway, it seemed faster than a vampire. I would love to get a cat, but my wife is alergic, I also put a feeding station beneath our cabinets that is sealed with no access for our kids. Electric traps, glue traps, snap traps, bottle traps, tom cat feeding station, tomcat live traps, nothing is working. I wish I could rent snakes and let then have a field day. I’m about ready to rip down the walls and refinish the floors to kill the stink.. Also before the winter last year, I sealed up a lot of holes in the field stone foundation and wonder if I trapped them inside?? Anyway it’s warmer now and no sign of them for a couple weeks. I plan on inspecting the foundation again to see if I can find and entry.. This sucks!!

    1. Try some “Fresh Cab”, it is a natural way to get rib of mice. It is FDA approved, and I think the company guarantees your success or your money back. It comes in packets and nice don’t like the odor and are supposed to leave your home. It can be found at Ace Hardware Stores

  11. Hi we have a mouse infestation in our lean to garage beside house. My husband had insulated the walls and thats were they are nesting. I am just using traps and glue and have caught 12 in a week along with six newborns. My husband has started removing walls and insulation in which we found them. We are going to have to remove it I think as this is only part of walls removed. The smell is appalling. Is there anything else we could do.i have a fear if them getting in house. Is removing the garage the best thing?

  12. Hi almost more than a year I noticed mice in my house, finally I found where they are coming in and sealed it off.
    I had mice traps set up during and they were trapping more in winter, but after sealing their entrance some adults and some baby mice got trapped which is a succeed.
    My question is there should be lots of drops and possibly dead baby mice behind the walls, what I should do?
    Also could more than one mice family in my house or only one family will live and what time of the year they give birth to their babies.

  13. Suzanne Owings, Greenbelt, Maryland

    The rats keep licking the bacon grease off of the rat traps and not setting them off. I have tried a small tin cat and heard the rats making noise to try to get in it but they (it would not go inside of it. I have tried poison bait – they would not eat it. They even have jarred a screw loose from a cable plate, pushed the cable plate out from the wall and entered the apartment that way. I have sealed everything I can think of to seal, laid molding, etc. Also – will they enter they heat/air vents if the slits are large enough in the ceiling and walk down the walls?
    I have tried mint oil, black pepper, ammonia. They seem to be very intelligent. Any suggestions are appreciated. I’ve even had an exterminating service.

    1. I’ve never had to catch an infestation of mice. You’ve had an exterminator and they did not clear up your problem that worries me. I think putting grease, oil on a trap is very light for them to take it off, they need to work at it (putting pressure on the trigger) because it comes right offtry, they use a very light touch, not activating the trap. Try peanut butter I was surprised when that worked

    2. What worked for me was a drop of peanut butter in the middle of a glue trap. Caught 5 of em that way. Also, seal all the holes in the wall and underneath the doors. Good luck!

    3. Hi just thought I’d mention that a friend of mine who has stables and horses and obviously many constant and unavoidable vermine visitors and he has to constantly put out rat poison as a regular part of his routine and he told me that the rats don’t eat poison bait but it’s put down on ground where they regularly walk. They walk up and down the same routes all the time and the poison gets onto their feet which they then constantly lick and use to hold food they eat and to groom and clean themselves so then the poison is ingested from their paws.
      Hoping this maybe might help.

  14. I was looking in a box of books I had stored in our integral garage today and noticed a lot of shredded paper as I looked further as mouse jumped out nearly giving me a heart attack and ran off to the back of the garage. When we inspected the box we found a dead adult in there and some baby mice which we disposed of. I have now put traps along the wall where I seen the mouse run – are there likely to be another family or is it likely I found them before an infestation. I haven’t looked in the boxes which have been stored for a few months now until today.

  15. When I go to bed (2:00-4:00) at night, after 10 minutes or so, I think I feel rustling. I am too scared to look. I keep telling myself that I’m just driving myself crazy since my neighbor told me that they got rid of the mice in there house. I thought that I have seen mouse droppings, but only twice and there was only 1 turd, not 2 or more. I have thought that I have heard the small dog’s dish clang. Again I tell myself…crazy, (it’s not against the wall, maybe 6″ away and 1″ high), eeks! It can be, it can be! I haven’t heard anything, for awhile now. I still feel a rustle in bed. I have seen no evidence of food being eaten, or packages opened. I do have a bad habit of leaving toast crumbs on cutting board all day and night. Same with the toaster, never without crumbs.
    Today I was in the garage and noticed a bag of poison (cellophane bag with green pellets) half eaten. (I don’t remember the name but was purchased at Walmart). Never noticed any droppings. Eeeks, reality check! Bed check too!
    I forgot to mention that I have those (expensive) things you plug into the outlet. (Maybe that is what is keeping them out, spiders too). Ihave not seen many spiders, but I have seen few)
    Problem, I have 2 in the kitchen, 1 downstairs, and one in living room. I think I need more downstairs, heck, I know I do!

  16. hi..saw a small mouse about five weeks ago in my ran away from me and jamp into chest of drawers so i closed the drawers.anyway. i got a mouse trap and the mouse kept eating it so 3weeks ago i filled it to the brim with meat,nan bread,and day.big mouse in trap.have been leaving trap out but no more food going.anyway today i decide yto clean out my flat.opened the chest of drawer,took out one by one,cleaned droppings out and as i took the last drawer out.there was the first mouse i saw dead.and still was brown.the one caugh in the trap was much bigger and grey with a creamy white belly.,,does anyone think there are

  17. Hi there,
    We discovered a mouse in our apartment living in the spare bathroom. We put down poison and traps, but then left to go on holiday. We came yesterday and discovered a dead mouse in the trap, god only know how long it was lying dead in the trap. We have located the site of the nest which is near an open pipe going into the wall near the sink. We know this because we have seen some of the insulation from the pipe has been gnawed off.

    The mouse also nibbled the poison 3 times. When we checked yesterday, we did not see anymore mouse droppings in the bathroom which leads me to believe that there was only the one mouse.

    But is it possible to only have one mouse? Also what should we do with the next? We intend on filling the gap with steel wool and securing it with expanding foam.

    Any comments would be very welcome.

  18. We caught 3 mice in our upstairs bathroom under the sink. We have a whole around the sink pipes. We used traps that kill the mouse and you do not see it dead. But 8.00 for 2 gets expensive. All summer no mice, but I kept a trap under the sink just in case. Sure enough after 6 months we caught one and another one today under the sink. I know have another trap yhere. We think they are coming uo through the chimney somehow. No indication of any mice in any other part of the housr, and never saw one. Going to call an exterminator tomorrow.

    1. Yep IV had 2 babies drop object through the chimney. Lobe got killed by my cat the other lobe is still in my house. Rats not mice. I paid $75 0 to have it sealed and trapped. Apparently they did a crappy job

  19. I’m pretty sure that we have at least 1 family squatting some where in my house, our house is at the end of 4 joining it’s always spotless no food left anywhere and always eat in one place (ocd), so they must have hard time finding dinner unless they got the run of the joining houses. Two other people live with me who think I’m hallucinating or dreaming it, to me it’s as real as me writing this I’ve never seen 1 or there poo but hear them most nights scratching squeaking I’ve felt them on my bed and know when they on my bed as can smell them smells like they got in through sewer they stink it feels like they can get in side my mattress. This is becoming really annoying messing my sleep up and making work a lot harder I’ve bought traps just waiting for them to be delivered then will c if I’m going mad or not and if not hopefully kill them off.

  20. I have an old two family house and this Spring there had been a lot more mice than usual exacerbated by filthy tenants and mice over ran the place. Just by being clean and minimizing their opportunity to feed,etc the mouse problem seems to have lessened. However, there is still a mouse running around but with less frequency. It runs along a countertop and across my stove and around the sink. I put out peppermint oil ( which helped) and its visits are not as frequent. It went from near daily visit leaving urine and mouse droppings to only 1-2 droppings to every other day and just urine. I got a cat two weeks ago and now it went from 2x in the first week -just urine, to once this week – even less urine, but no droppings in several weeks. I don’t know yet if the cat is a mouser as he’s just acclimating to the space. I leave out kibble for him all day , though he’s not much of a day eater. My roomate insists the mice are running off and hoarding the kibble but I see no signs of mice anywhere near the bowl ( or random piles of kibble) and the mouse visit is lessening. Any thoughts? Are there pet safe mouse poisons? Oh these mice are trap savvy – I’ve avoided glue traps – but none of the others have worked.

    1. If it’s a male cat it’ll be interested in maybe playing with it and females are the hunters just like with large cats. They hunt and kill at night just like in the jungle or on the savannah

  21. I’ve owned my home since 2013 and I’ve never seen a mouse before this month. One came through my main level kitchen door’s frame in broad daylight and took off for the living room. We released it back outside and sealed the frame. The second scurried across my basement’s wall at night while I was giving some new friends a tour. Great first impression *^*. I’ve never seen any poopies in my house or heard movement. There’s no food in the basement and I haven’t noticed any chew damage. They might be eating the pet food my little beast likes to hide. He’s ’bout to go on a diet!

    I clean a lot, but I don’t go in the basement often because there are spiders and crickets down there. I plan to declutter even more, lay some EZ snaps, and clean more diligently with diluted bleach and dish gloves down there. Idk if it’s the time of year in NC or if the Duke spill has messed up our ecosystem that much. I’m just worried about illness.

  22. Wayne I am going through the same thing I wont sleep in my bedroom anymore they are in my clothes they tear the seams so that they can get in, its crazy, they are all over me when I sleep, I know Im not nuts no one else in the house gets bothered but me, I have Lyme disease so I wonder if that is why they bother me only, I went to stay at a friends house and as soon as I brought clothes they followed me, it makes me wonder if I caught something that makes my hair and clothes so attractive my PCP had me checked out by psych and she cleared me who wouldnt after she saw all the bites around my body, I am sure that they are lemmings (you know 1000 ran off the cliff in a Disney movie) I live right above a bog and they are called bog lemmings and are not mice they are little rats and they are all over the country and europe but they rarely enter a house well they did nothing I do is working I live in a log cabin and they think its a big tree I think, little by little they are making me afraid to take a shower b ecause when I say they are everywhere I mean everywhere in the fridge, today the ice machine in my freezer, they have eaten all the weather stripping and are slowly taking over my house I sleep upstairs in the living room/dining/kitchen which is better than the bedroom as the guinea pigs (aha) are there, if it were up to me I would give them away but they are not mine. I am ready for the funny farm I have been trying to get them out with borax, castor oil, peanut butter and sugar they are eating it like crazy in every room, apparently each room has a cdolony different than the others, they eat each other or big rats have followed them. Can anyone help me with any other suggestions as I AM GETTING CLOSE TO A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN, its like a nightmare that wont stop, also when I turn on a light in the laundry room, I see like flares almost llike those bugs that light up at night, I read that the human eye cannot see a lemming while untrained, I have just started to see them, they are tiny and so low to the floor that they almost look like an insect but I am also watching my husky go through the hell that I am and there is nothing I can do to stop it or help him, it.s breaking my heart I walk him every morning and he rolls and rolls to get them off and I caught him the other day pulling one out of his rear end and it looked like a little bug w 8 legs and long white hairs but not many one time I saw an adult on my head which has never happened, just for an instant and I screamed and he took off just horrible. HELP!!!!! PLEASE

    1. wow sounds like you are having a major breakdown or major infestation! I hope you can get help with either soon! best wishes. …might be in your best interest to talk to a professional

    2. ?Wow are you kidding!! Smh I wanna say soooooooooooooooooooooo much to this,lol be i going to keep it sweet….MOST AND TAKE NOTHING WITH YOU BUT THE DOG…unless you’re a crazy hoarder,and un that case you will always have that problem. I would get get then ijs.

  23. In my house usually I get a couple of mice getting closers to the winter..but I always get rid of them fast..recently some of the neighbors cleaned their back yards of old sheds they had (3 sheds) and since then I noticed alot of activity in my house I have easily gotten rid of about 30 to 40 mice…I cleaned my house with bleach and used trap.poison and repellant.I cleaned my yard of an old shed and the mice stopped for about a month..just recently I started noticing droppings here and there around the kitchen.I have left food out on purpose to see if they eat it but it has been left untouched..traps have been untouched and I haven’t been able to see any or catch any in the last 2 months but there is still droppings around the kitchen..I went and got a cat to help with the mice and it haseems only caught one and it was outside..any ideas as to what else to do?

  24. Look, going nuts, live in old apt. Circa 1964, thought I would never encounter this disgusting thing, heard gnawing loud near fridge, saw mouse run out during day from a crack between floor and cupboard was filled with crawking.. In bed at night felt something in mattress, then holes in boxspring.. Saw something moving at speed of sound circling the boxspring.. Smelled strong urine smell in living room and bathroom , been washing floors, counters with concentrated mr clean lemon, dropped eucalyptus oil on carpets, vaccuming like a feen.. Heard squeeks thinking it may be birds outside , ya right .. ” yikes” They make my skin crawl, felt something on my mattress beside me, and flicked it off.. Geeze I am going to freak, manager knows , I don’t think he is being honest .. A mouse entered today via the friggin front door underneath!!!!! Thanks

  25. The only thing that works is a cat. Certain breeds are better than others. A Maine Coon breed is great for mice, but most of the time just that there is a cat in the house is enough, the mice will smell the cat and they will go.

    1. Get a exterminator it is costly yes but in the long run if you do not take care of it, it will cost you a lot more. I’m a tenant complaining of a problem myself but my problem is much bigger I think. Finding their entry point an covering it would certainly reduce the problem setting traps an killing what is inside will take care of it, but if the problem is anything like mine you need to get an exterminator and be clear you want them to rid their entry point as well as their nests. Cause these lil fu****** can wind up ur biggest nightmare chewing through the walls an electral cords. Best of luck to you.

  26. OK I’m pretty much aware on the signs of mice ect. I had them in a house I previously lived in years ago. Now how ever a decade later financial circumstances have brought me to a tiny studio where their are 12 other studio apt. One next to the other all attached. Needless to say I can do all that I know to do however I can’t control what the other tenets do not do. They seem to not care I guess. Nor the landlord. Which I might add I have rented from for several years now an never new he would just brush it off like it is nothing. I had a beautiful 4 bedroom house that he was on top of moving me to this showed something quite different. Any how I’m here an I’m stuck And their is most certainly a very bad problem happening. I can hear in all the walls movement even over the TV at times. I can hear gnawing their were droppings all over the kitchen but their is no food here none at all I took even my dishes out an put them back into storage. The cubbords cleaned an completely empty so their looking in the wrong place for food. Literally. Now my toilet got plugged an a plumber had to come. He said he pulled 12 tampons out. Gross an sorry for the graphic details HOWEVER I do not get my .. Landlord showed me pictures an noted with me they look like 12 lil mice. My toilet is clogged again AND the wall that separates the bathroom from the rest of this tiny little place I hear a lot of loud digging and gnawing. I have the oddest feeling I’m living in these rodents home not the other way around. Any suggestions would be great if I could pick up an move out of here I would in a second do to finances it is not with in the cards for me at the moment. Ugh I hate these lil creatures. Sorry pet lovers Im not a fan of rodents.

  27. It’s funny but I think I have more than one mouse infestation at my house. You can clearly see them running in the morning. They’re everywhere, eating the last thing we have.mouse pop is all over my bed. My sister is like a”PIG” excuse my language but anyways I’ve never seen anyone lazy like that. I feel like they welcomed the mouse at my house because they never clean after themselves and I’m like a dog cleaning after adult because I’m scared of mouse. I thought about moving to other places but I can’t find any house available. Please I’m seeking for help. Honestly I just hate mouse.

  28. I am in a rental house that I feel may be infested with mice. I have seen them running around in the daylight and have seen their feces in several places. My question is, should this be at my cost or the landlord? I have spoken to her about the problem several times. Now, looking back on it, there were signs at the time I moved in over a year ago; however, I did not know what I was looking at (feces). She stated before I moved in that the traps were only a preventative measure and now says that if there is a problem, it is mine.

  29. I recently put down a deposit for a rental property. I have not moved my things in yet therefore I have not officially moved in. I noticed rat droppings in the home in the kitchen and bathroom. The house sits up leaving space under house for an animal to crawl under. I do not want to move into a house with rats. The house is nice but seeing rat droppings makes me think maybe I should get my deposit back and keep looking for someplace else to rent. The landlord says that she has done everything to make sure rats can’t get in and that I should not worry. I have 11 month old and 4 year old daughter’s and I would hate for us to move in a house with a rat or rats. Maybe I should get my deposit back or hire a company to come to the home and rat proof it. One company I called said they charge $800 to $1500 to make sure everything from outside is closed and they will close in the bottom of home. Comes with a warranty. Landlord said I would have to pay for it because she has done everything already.

  30. My parents have had a mice infestation and it is pretty terrible. Like you said, it’s easy for them to get out of hand and should be handled with urgency. It’s amazing that such small critters can cause so much damage.

  31. Oh my gosh I’m so sorry to hear of all the critter issues you all are having. My problem started almost a month ago when I was having a dream of working in a ‘lab’, I felt claws gripping my right hand and in the dream a green creature like a frog type thing was biting me; and when I work up there was a scratch on the back of my hand! I left crackers opened on my dresser but since then nothing has eaten them. I won’t sleep in my bed, just on the sofa but last night an old bag of carrots ‘fell’ out of the kitchen trashcan. I heard a noise near the can about 20 minutes ago but nothing was near there. No droppings, even in the bedroom, no ‘chewings’ on boxes or food or on top of fridge. It’s driving me nuts wondering what scratched me in my bed and now noises without the usual evidence of critters. Where else should I look?
    Thanks in advance. Hopefully someday these things will be wiped out forever :)

  32. I have evidence of a mouse(mice?)Found food containers chewed on, poops. No more-where do I look for dead(hopefully)mouse?

    1. Oh my heavens–I love you, whomever you are, as I’ve been reading these and having the exact same thought! But you said it, I didn’t have the nerve!
      My first thoughts were unfair–“I guess the demographic of people who would live where mice infestation happens wouldn’t be educated.” But no, I’m an example of someone living in a lovely home, lovely neighborhood, etc; reasonably well-educated….and I’m on here reading because we saw a mouse yesterday. So there you go–that one isn’t it.
      I think it’s sad, not funny. We are becoming an illerate society. Sorry to get into some kind of editorial here. My husband left corporate America at age 60, to go teach high school social studies (program called Troops to Teachers). He had to leave, finally. It was just too depressing (among other reasons).
      Not enough $$$ spent to overhaul education–but even if you did: It’s too late on the other end. Illiterate children are being raised by illiterate children, who were themselves raised by the same. Seldom two parents in the home. Grandparents raising their drug-addicted childrens’ children….
      Mice are the very least of our problems. But still a pain in the a**. ;-))

      1. 1. Criticizes other people’s grammar and makes assumptions of literacy.
        2. Then writes stuff like this. —> “Not enough $$$ spent to overhaul education–but even if you did: It’s too late on the other end.”

  33. What does it mean when you see mice during the day? I put out rat and mice poison. They had some the first night it was out. I wonder if they are a little bit crazy from the poison and running around the open now.

  34. Upon returning from being away all summer, we found mice droppings inside our detached garage and under our hot tub which is built in to our deck. We have so far trapped a total of 10 adult size mice using regular traps with chocolate & peanut butter as bait, over about a week’s time. How do we know if there is an infestation, and need to call an exterminator? There are no signs that they are inside our house at this time. If we don’t trap anymore mice in the coming week, would it be safe to assume we got them all?

  35. I live the n the woods and this is the 3 RD time I have a mouse at home,I found droppings in the kitchen,bathroom and living room,i rent so I told the landlord to call the exterminator.
    I have a metal frame bed,but Yesterday I changed that for a wood frame bed,and as I was taking the frame off my bedroom i saw droppings falling down from the frame,there were so many it was disgusting,i realized I’ve been sleeping with that for who knows how long,one thing that I noticed is that they were hard,like they’ve been there for a while,it seems like I’m always gonna have mice at home even with the exterminator going to take care of it,I’ve been spraying alcohol everywhere.
    what can I do about it??

  36. I got one in a trap the other day. the traps (2 of them) got cleaned off last night, I reset them in the same spot. never had a mouse in here in 20 years and now I heard one chewing in the wall. no more poop after that one time and I am checking baseboards with a flashlight daily for poop. I know theres at least one more cause the peanut butter is gone. no dog food or cookie crumbs laying around any more for them. they are gonna have to eat peanut butter. I have about 6 sticky boards out too with the PB in the center. they haven’t touched those at all. I will get the last one. I think there is only one and I think they came in thru a gap in my sliding door screen at the bottom when I left the door open at night. house is tight otherwise but cold weather will make them look for better accommodations. I will put the poison out if I have to but trying to avoid it.

  37. I don’t like to kill the mice I caught them and relocated them. But I am now finding dead mice in the live catch traps so I’m assuming that my neighbors which share a yard have had poison put out and the mice are going into my garage to die so my question , although the opposite of everyone else on this page is how to find the poison source and get rid of it ? I have animals that go in the yard and will try to eat a dead mouse I can’t have my pets getting poisoned

  38. We own an apartment complex and have to deal with mice a couple of times a year.
    I almost always super glue a peanut to the trap and it gets them everytime. Determined little creatures. We use the old school traps as I just can’t stand the thought of glue traps…

  39. Im a mouse expert,through living in filthy houses in london.
    there is only one way to get rid of mice properly….
    you have to go round the entire house…and find every hole…i mean anything as big as a biro ..and under doors and gaps in floorboards…and under door trimmings…and where floorboards meet walls…and especially pipage…
    once every single hole has been located…you mix cement mortar….and get a trowel and you fill with cement every hole…forget all this wire wool cement everything.even holes in floorboards…you see mice dont chew or move cement…
    after that you are left with only the mice that are stuck in the house with you…inadvertently you have cemented them IN…
    now you go round with bleach and brush and rags..and you clean out the cooker and the gaps under the cooker door..and under the kick boards of kitchen units…until there is zero food left.
    and then you set about 4 traps with tasty food…eg bacon…this gets tehm in a spin or pepperoni…and you make sure not even a grain of rice gets dropped from your food prep..and wait.
    eventually if ther are any mice inside (cemented in with you) they will go for the food…and get trapped. now have a mouse free home…and all it cost you was about 10 hours graft…and a bag of cement.and guess what…you can spill food all over your floor and the mice cant get in any more as there is ont even enough room anywhere to get a screwdirvere in.
    mice cannot walk through brick or solid wood..i have done this..and i actually had to remove the entire kitchen units…to get to the pipes and boards… upstairs flatmate has plenty mice…but me ..NADA. I DONT CARE THAT THEY ARE IN THE WALLS ..AND UNDER THE FLOOR….just stay OUT OF MY PAD ! ….YOU GET ME

  40. I saw a tail whip into a drawer and then found droppings to confirm we have mice. I didn’t worry about it because I thought oh the seller of the home said there was the “occasional mouse”. I was sitting on a couch when I saw a black ball of fur wiz by… I knew it was a mouse but now that I knew there could be one downstairs I sped to the closest store with mice traps. I bought the glue ones and a set of the dcon traps. It was around midnight when I heard the scraping and I went to Check and found one stuck by its tail on the glue pad but it was able to pull itself into the crack and free itself aaah. So I laid out all my traps and caught 6 in one night … I’ve only lived in this house for 3 months and I now see that they have been chewing on boxes and even my drawer liners. I don’t leave food out but I do have a lot of things in boxes. The ones caught pretty big too – at the store right now buying more traps. I regret waiting 1 day before setting traps. Good luck to everyone else that may have a mice problem.

  41. I am dealing with mice right now- and im finding that it took different methods to it nail-the parents it seems- it took the simplest method of the old fashioned snap trap to killed them. Then the babies started showing up – I love animals this was not easy but these little ones were bold, hungry and even running by my feet that was the last straw! so what has trapped them so far is again the simplest method -glue trays. To my delight, horror, and sadness there are four stuck on the pads right now and there is another still on the loose right now and God help us if there’s any more after this one but I have got at least three different traps and yes starve them arm yourself with knowledge about them and those who hate cats might not be so cruel to them if you get a mouse in your house! God be with you in your battles because I can’t and unless u can move- wait them out eventually they’ll make a mistake.

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