How to Kill a Mouse – Every Home Owner’s Guide On Killing Mice

They leave marks on your closet, walls, and food packages. You hear them squeak in the middle of your deep slumber. These are the most common and troublesome manifestations that your house has already been invaded by the most feared pests, mice.

Most home owners start off without the basic knowledge of how to kill a mouse. They are easily overwhelmed by the mere presence of an infectious pest in the house, and simply turn to mice exterminators to address the problem. While these people are really experienced in how to exterminate mice, the entire process of doing so will be costly, considering that mouse problems are recurring in most households.

Knowing for yourself how to kill mice will not only save you from unnecessary expenses, this will also help you understand the different ways that you can safeguard your house from mice and other related pests. Contrary to how the movies often depict it, you actually do not have to directly attack the mouse to kill it. Mice are really smart and quick, a combination that makes them a tough competition for humans.

How to Kill a Mouse Effectively

There are two ways to quickly and totally get rid of mice: mouse traps and mouse poison.

Mouse traps

Mouse traps were designed as early as the 1800s to specifically solve indoor mouse problems. Today, several variations of mouse traps are already available to suit the preferences of different users. The most common types used are strap traps, glue traps, live traps, and electronic traps. The effectiveness of mouse traps in mice extermination ranges from 90-100% given that innovative strategies are also used.
Aside from putting food on the mouse trap, placing it in strategic locations will also increase the chances of killing a mouse. Whatever type of mouse trap you use, make sure to check it the following day for any dead mouse, or mice capture when using live traps.

Mouse poison

If you are looking for a way to kill a mouse in a less harsh method, you can opt for mouse baits. These are poisonous products that come in a form of food or pellets designed to attract mice towards it. Minimal intake of such will readily kill a mice. However, this could also cause a problem in terms of recovering the dead body of the mouse, since they can die in an area far from where you originally placed the poison.


Natural deterrents may not kill the mouse, but it will surely drive them away from the house premises. Strong herbal scents like that of bay leaf and peppermint are just some of the natural deterrents for mice. You can surround your place with extracts of these plants to keep mice away.

When to contact an expert mouse killer?

Mouse traps and poison are only efficient in cases where there are one to two mice involved. Anything more than this can already be unmanageable for a typical house owner, especially those who are new to mice infestation.

In this case, it is best to just seek help from an accredited mice exterminator to solve the problem at once. The process also involves poison that does not only kill mice, but also makes the house less prone to having rodent pests for a certain period of time. It is also possible to get tips from a mouse killer on what you can do to the house to make it more mice-proof.

A full sanitation of the house will be required after the mice extermination to fully eradicate any poison left from the process.

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