Rats: How to Get Rid of Rats for Good!

Rat populations, specifically Norway and Roof rats, are on the rise all over the United States, particularly in urban areas. Known as carriers of disease, these creatures are drawn to areas of dense human population where they can easily find food and places to establish nests.

While historically associated with the spread of bubonic plague, rats do not themselves transmit the frightening disease. The creatures are instead the means by which the fleas that carry the plague pathogen are exposed to humans.

Rats do spread other diseases which put human health and safety at risk. These include leptospirosis (which damages liver and kidneys) spread by their urine; Lymphocytic choriomeningitis (viral illness that can have long term physical effects) transmitted through both rat saliva and urine; and rat bite fever. Most of these diseases and illnesses are also transmittable through rat feces.

The very idea of a rat infestation is the stuff of nightmares for most of the general public and the first impulse is to kill the rats or find someone who will. The pest control industry is seeing rapid job growth due to the increase in rat infestations nationwide.

There are humane and inhumane methods for rat control. Humane techniques may or may not result in the death of the animal; inhumane means end inevitably in death, usually prolonged and painful.

Humane Rat Control Methods

Animal rights advocates recommend attempting to live in harmony with rat species whenever possible. This is accomplished by rat-proofing a property to make it less attractive to rodents on the theory that prevention of a problem is always the cheapest and most effective way of dealing with it.

When animals must be removed from an already infested property animal rights activists suggest the use of non-lethal traps. These traps capture the animals alive and unharmed and must be immediately followed by the release of the rats outdoors. Release does not mean dumping the rats miles away from point of capture but rather within 100 yards of the original location. Rats released farther away than this are more likely to die or be killed due to their unfamiliarity with their surroundings.

Live capture traps must be checked frequently—as often as hourly—to protect the rats from injury, dehydration and starvation. Release should also occur as quickly as possible to avoid stressing the animals to the point of injury and death.

DOING IT Humanely and Permanently

When there is no alternative to a rat infestation other than extermination, there are means and methods that are considered more humane; dispatching the animal quickly and as painlessly as possible. Most of these involve direct contact with the animal and involve dispatching rats one at a time.Many people find it difficult to regard rats and mice as anything other than dangerous pests that should be killed without conscience and which are unworthy of any kind of compassion.

• Asphyxiation: Euthanasia using carbon dioxide (CO2) is the only method approved by the American Veterinary Association for home use. Vinegar and baking soda when mixed together produce C023 gas. When combined in the proper amounts these common household ingredients produce C02 levels that will first anesthetize then kill the rodent. In addition to the vinegar and baking soda, an airtight container must be secured to contain the carbon dioxide gas and animal.

• Cats are natural predators of rodents; rat terriers were specifically bred over centuries to catch and kill rats. How humane this method can be is a point of debate, but it has the advantage of being the most natural way to totally get rid of these rodents.

Snap trap rat traps: This is the old tried and true mechanical mousetrap technology, only with a larger trap to accommodate the species’ larger size. If properly loaded and set the spring action of the trap kills instantaneously.

• Electrocution traps: are fairly new inventions marketed as a “green” alternative to the use of rat poison. These devices lure the animal into a containment chamber and automatically administer a lethal electric shock.

• Cervical dislocation involves physically restraining the rat belly down on a hard surface. A quick, decisive yank on the tail that results in the sound of ripping or popping should result in a quick death. This is not a method for the squeamish and if not performed correctly can result in great suffering for the animal.

Even these so called humane methods of rat extermination have significant drawbacks. Cervical dislocation requires having first mastered the technique so that death is instantaneous and involves direct contact with the rat; asphyxiation requires getting the ratios of vinegar to baking soda exactly right and snap traps may result in the animal being caught by paw or tail rather than killed outright resulting in great suffering.

Non-Humane Rat Control Methods

These include:There are any number of methods for killing rats which are not only inhumane; most are downright violent and some are illegal.

• Blunt-force trauma: this method of dispatching a rat is considered the least humane and is prohibited by law in many jurisdictions. Blunt force trauma can be administered by picking a rat up by the tail and bashing its head against a wall, placing the rat in a sack and striking with a mallet or hammer. Usually the animal is not killed with the first blow and must be repeatedly struck.

Shooting with a projectile: While this might seem more humane than blunt force this method depends on hitting the rat in the brain stem on the first shot using a BB or air gun, or using guns that fire bullets. There will be blood and tissue splatter which can spread disease; suffering will be extreme if the first shot is not a kill shot. There is always the possibility of missing the target entirely and endangering others with a stray shot or ricochet.

• Freezing rats alive: placing a rat in a container and putting it in the freezer may seem more humane than shooting or beating it to death, but it is not a quick and painless death for the animal.

• Sticky glue traps are trays or boards which have been sprayed with industrial strength adhesives. These devices capture rats and mice when the creatures walk into or across them. Death takes days and is usually the result of a combination of dehydration, starvation, exhaustion and stress. Struggling may result in tissue tearing and other trauma. These types of traps are cheap, but can also trap beloved pets and beneficial animals and insects.

• Drowning: Again, less violent and seemingly more painless than other methods, but still inhumane due to the time it takes a rat to drown (which can be several minutes).

• Rat Poison: although still used by many consumers and pest control companies, rat poison does not provide a quick or painless death. Whether anti-coagulant based or chemical, poisons can take up to a week to actually kill the animal during which time they will suffer horrendously.

Rat poisons and sticky glue traps are currently still legal means of extermination in most areas, but the use of other inhumane methods of killing rats can and does result in legal fines and jail time in many jurisdictions.

Best Way to Get Rid of THESE CRITTERS according to…

Animal rights advocates such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) advocate means and methods which do not involve death. Killing rats according to these animal activists only removes the problem temporarily—get rid of one and another will inevitably and quickly take its place.

First and foremost, these groups stress the importance of controlling the problem before it begins by reducing the attractiveness of a location to rats. Making a house impervious to rats is the single most important action that a property owner can take to prevent rat infestations.

Suggested actions to take to rat-proof a structure include:

• Keeping living areas clean and free of easily accessible food and water sources. This means cleaning up food spills as they occur; storing food items in gnaw proof containers; keeping food preparation areas diligently free of grease and food debris; repairing leaks in water pipes and fixtures immediately on discovery and avoiding areas of standing water as much as possible in and around the house.

• Sealing off rat points of entry in buildings and homes. Rats are opportunistic and ingenious; they take advantages of cracks and crevices as small as a quarter to gain access to structures. Roof rats have also been observed using phone lines to gain entry via small openings in house eaves. Basements with wooden floors and openings in building foundations are other points of vulnerability.

• Do not feed pets outdoors or have food dishes permanently positioned outside the house. If there is no alternative to outside feeding, pick up dishes and food debris promptly and thoroughly after pets have finished eating. When storing pet (or human) food in sheds, garages or basements sturdy plastic, glass and metal containers must be used.

• Do not maintain a birdfeeder near the house. The spillage from bird feeders is a huge attractant to rats. Either feed birds only in times of severe weather when they cannot forage for themselves or station feeders away from house, garage and other outbuildings.

• Keep grass cut and bushes at least 18 inches away from the outside of the house. This exposes points of available entry and makes it more difficult for rats to roam about unobserved. This action will also reveal burrows and nests near the house and should help with removing rats in backyards. Rats like most wild creatures avoid high exposure areas.

• Keep woodpiles away from the sides of homes and garages. Wood stacked against the side of a structure can allow rats to burrow into structures unseen or hide existing points of entry. This will pre-emptively eliminate the possibility of rats in walls by cutting off a prime avenue of access.

Ideally, these simple, effective measures result in natural population control by denying rats sustenance and shelter. Rats can and do live in areas of high human population density undetected and without creating significant public health hazards when these methods are assiduously employed.

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  1. My barn has become infested with a large number of rats – 40 plus and still reproducing. I believe this is due to chicken feed that I was not able to clean up during a very cold winter. I think a DIY method is not suitable for this many. Friends want me to sue poison but I do not want to. I am think of hiring a rat catcher expert who uses snap traps and guarantees his work.

    Can you give me advice on the best way to proceed.

        1. Get a5 gallon bucket fill the bottom layer with bleach use the hangar that you carry the bucket with stretched across straight and make sure it doesn’t move take a soda can poke some holes for smell and put peanut butter and bacon inside it run the straight hanger handle through the bottom of the Can through the opening of the drinking spout when they climb on to the can it will flip the rat over and drop him into the bucket he will not be able to get out an instant death from bleach afixation poisoning other animals bigger like dogs and cats will not attempt to mess with that contraction if you are using traps don’t throw them away they are almost blind and fallow sent a dead rat in a trap is like a repeat affendor

    1. I have put out and successfully used the original design snap traps to catch 27 in the last 4 days. I have 24 traps out baited with a peanut butter, flour bait. I put plastic “milk crates” over the traps with a rock on top in an effort to keep out unwanted animals like cats and dogs and chickens. So far, no problems.

    2. I have caught several this way. By using a very tall trash can or even an outdoor trash can and line the inside three-quarters of the way up with a lot of oil such as cooking oil or anything slick maybe coconut oil. Put something in the bottom of the can that smells good like peanut butter. Either put a 2×4 leading up to the top of the trash can or set it by a ledge or counter. They will jump into it or slide into it going at the peanut butter but they won’t be able to climb back out. Of course you would have to check it daily and you don’t want it in a lot of wind where the oil just soaks up dust and does not stay slick. I have caught two or three a night this way. I just put the poison blocks along with the peanut butter at the bottom of the trash can but if you choose you can drive them and release them to another area however you’re going to want to take them five or six miles away not a few hundred yards or Mile like what people are saying.

    1. I have huge rats that’ve chewed through a solid wooden door to enter an outside storage room, chewed their way into the wooden eaves, into two different parts of my roof. I deposit poison, wait a few days then seal up the holes with aluminum/metal sheeting, cut to size and foam stuff sealant. They just move to another part of the house!I have a cat and dog, but keep them away because of the poison. Yes, kill ALL rats! Humane, nothing. They serve no useful purpose, just cause damage and spread disease.

    2. I had a pet rat. He was supposed to be dinner for a snake. He was placed in the snake cage huddled in a corner just waiting to be eaten and he actually ended up killing the snake! When the snake’s owner was going to “flush” him, (as in…down the toilet) I said “oh hell no! That rat has been through enough.” He was the coolest pet ever. He was smart, sweet, and actually came to you when you called him. Further, he was very clean and did not stink. Every being, rats included, deserve to be treated humanely.

      1. Child molesters? Rapists? Mass murderers?
        No – everything should NOT be humanely treated and the dirty A*S Rats need to die

        1. Okay rats are not dirty they clean themselfs very offten two would you like to be killed for trying to survive? three i was molested as a child but don’t want my molesters to be killed i rather they live with thier guilt and shame of what they did.

          Pepermint oil can be used to getrid of rats without killing them pluss spiders hate it too. Mothballs can be used as a deturint dryer sheets, cyan pepper,live traps then release in another city or an enimes house or yard,


      2. You see Lulubelle.you are loving all pets in the world now,leave them with the pets,and you should love your family and friends more,and God of course,more than anyone else.

      3. I couldn’t agree more! While I do not want to share my home with them I also do not want to make them suffer. Anything that can feel pain should be treated with empathy and compassion.

      4. I agree with you, I also had a rat that was fed to a snake but for some reason the snake wasn’t hungry, the snake owner was going to kill it and put the rat in the freezer, but I convinced him to let me take it and he was the best pet I ever had I used to let him run loose in my room and he always came to me every time I went into the room, I picked him up and he would lick my hand like a dog. He was very loving and had quite a remarkable personality I had him for three years before he passed away and now I have compassion for all rats even wild ones who only want to survive and live a life like us and all creatures of the earth.

        1. True. I kept pet rats too they are highly intelligent animals. They can perform all sorts of tricks. They make great pets for children but they are domesticated rats not wild ones. I have a wild rat problem too. I have in the past killed them with a recommended bait put in bait boxes around my house but this new one won’t eat the bait. I keep chickens so it’s their food that attracts them. I no longer put bird feeders up as that is what they really want to eat. Move feeders to near your house. Also they need water to survive. Keep all chicken water covered after dark or empty it. I feel terrible trying to kill them but they breed continually and if you don’t do something you will have a serious rat problem. Cats do help and I see local cats hanging around the shed trying to catch them. Any advice would be helpful.

      5. I agree with you but I am in a nightmare now.. I started feeding the squirrels and birds off my deck and noticed that a cute little rat was running from under the deck and taking food and going back under deck..Eventually he ran everything away and I just kept feeding him…THEN THE NIGHTMARE started…I live in the country and in a field..for over 30 yrs never saw rattlers…only nonvenomous snakes…NOW…I an eaten up with rattlesnakes and have a snake den in my field just feet from my home….I feed him and Im sure many others and just cant stand the thought of hurting them….I know that sounds crazy but he is soooo cute….Does anyone have an idea how to just get them to go somewhere else…If I stop feeding them Im afraid they will start trying to get in the house…YIKES…Ive created a monster…HELP!

    3. yes and in the most inhumane way!! let PETA if they love them so much come get the damn things and eat them or marry the fu*cing thing.. Id say what else they can do with them , but not on here!

        1. I’m not an anonymous pussy…I have lived RAT FREE for 30+ yrs in the country. We had field mice MANY yrs ago & live trapped them. Now we have a Norwegian Rat fiasco!! I don’t eat meat, I keep my home clean. But I draw the line here!!! I have grandchildren who come and play. NOT NOW!!! Until I KNOW all rat babies or followers are gone, I will NOT subject my grandchildren to the MANY potential illnesses these Rats carry! I’m already freaked out that before researching, I picked up feces, wiped away urine pools. Judge me as you like…but I WILL NOT SHARE MY HOME WITH VERMINE!! ?

    1. They eat the little peeps at night attacking the back of the neck. Keep all feed and water up at night. I have hanging feeders but it doesn’t help. Roof rats scale the fence. Why does everything prey chickens ? Been raided by opossum, fox, hawks, rats, and, mice gang up on peeps at night and eat them. Poor dear little chickens, they keep the insect population down and give us eggs. I have had best luck with poison, didn’t know it took so long though. Read where they hate mint, to use mint oil, haven’t tried it yet.

    2. Yeah check them out.They shoot like they from army.great guys,i love them.The cleaned all my house.The only bad point here is that afterwards you need to clean up all the blood,and trust me its alot,like in the movies.
      Except this it works like a swiss watch

    3. Put poison,but be carefull with the chickens.When you buy poison stick it somehow to a brick or something the same weight,so the rats cant move the posion arround and pass it the chickens.Put the posion about 10 meters away from the chicken.Watch out for the dogs.

      I guess the rats eat only night when we sleep so they can get in (bastards)
      Put the posion during the night and pick it up every morning first thing.dont wash your mouth or use the toiler first.take the posion away.

  2. I think I have rats under my shed unfortunately it’s NOT. On a cement slab. I have a dog but these critters are wicked quick. I don’t want to use poisons because of my dog and I don’t really want her to catch them, afraid of diseases.

    I’m thinking of putting chicken wire down into ground all around the shed but how deep do I have to go? I took my dog away for the weekend and my husband caught 4 in rat traps. Ugh!

    1. Rats can go thru 3/4 inch holes or less. Chicken wire is larger holes, so would not work. Metal wire buried will eventually rust so creatures can get thru again…needs watching.

    2. There are rat poisons now that are made with enzymes only to attack the rat and not harm the dog you should look into that you can also take a plastic rat trap Showbox and glue it to a heavy piece of concrete so the dog cannot scrape it or knock it over to get it open and use a trap with metal top so they can’t chew it open either they are available and if you’re really concerned you can also take a coffee can and cut a little hole in it no bigger than a quarter and nail it to a tree so that a rat can get in there you can take one of those poison bricks that are as long as your finger and thick and glue it inside the can so they can’t carry it all for an animal to get it another thing to is that rats cannot burp if you take kids bubble blowing soap and soak some grass seed and put it in an area where they travel harmless to a dog but that rats belly will swell and no time and kill them I choose soap 2 prevent a terrible Decay smell from happening the smell attracts other rats to eating it as they are cannibals or you can go with my 5 gallon bucket idea that’s you can scroll up to on comments

  3. :( I don’t want to make any rats suffer. I had pet rats when I was younger, and while I know there’s a difference between domestic and wild rats, I never want to hurt an animal. I can’t believe that those non-humane methods have actually been used by people, those are awful. Cervical dislocation is absolutely horrendous and disgusting. I’ll try to rat-proof my home first, but if I still have trouble, I’ll contact my local humane society and ask them for advice on what they suggest.

    1. Wild rats and pets are the same, however they can become problematic due to fast rate of breeding. I had a company seal up our home after I humanely caught them in a humane trap.I release them in a colony we created far away from people but near a river in the country. The colony we made was just little rat houses for their shelter. While others may think relocation is inhumane because it’s unfamiliar to them, I feel it’s my best option to prevent infestation and suffering from Neighbors poisoning them and to place them back into the ecosystem, nature’s life cycle all while giving them the best shot to survive by the place they’re taken, shelter we provided, at the same place together. The colony houses we built are plastic containers with entry hole and emergency exit hole with torn tshirts inside. They can be hung in same tree, or in brushy area near water source. Don’t relocate during rainy time. They need to get acquainted with new place with less hindrance as possible. I trap many at a time to relocate together. After each one I catch. I empty the trap into large plastic trash can that has the rat house already in the trash can with food and a small bowl of water with a rock in it so it won’t tip over. After a night of catching several, we make a trip to this same location. It’s an easy release because they are always in their little rat house together by the time we arrive. We take the trash can in our jeep or van to location, once there, take trash can to the colony site, then simply take out the rat house and place it among other rat houses or hang in tree. This may be a lot of work for some but there is no other way for me because I can’t kill them. Knowing that they’re back in nature with some survival help in place,I’m at peace with it because nature is God’s design and I just give it over to HIM without me having to snuff out any creatures life. These rats have never been in our home but in the attic, probably because of our cats. We only had to do this a few times a year until we had the attic sealed. The process has become very simple and quick once we established the “how to”. Even though our house is sealed, we still do this because neighbors poison and they show up in our backyard dieing for days so when we start seeing them around ( cuz I feed birds) we start ‘operation rat relocate’ once again.I hope this helps someone(: haters need no reply, I do me & you do you, boo (: except for the caring who have helpful tips for me(:

      1. Do you mind sharing how you catch several at a time? I have what sounds like the same issue as you and just want to get them out of my house before any real damage is done. Also, considering how easily they get in I’m not sure how to ‘seal’ my house for prevention. Its just me in my house and I’m a little scared of the dark attic.

        1. I bought a squirrel trap at Tractor supply. It is aprox 18″ x 18″ x 3″; it has two ‘door’s’ @ opposite corners they can get in, but not out. You can lock them as well. It has a bigger door on top also. SO far, in LESS than 3 weeks I have caught 24 rats!!!!!! YESS!!! It may have cost $56.00 plus tax… but they out smarted the sticky trays; forget the traps… they ate the chocolate & peanut butter w/out setting them off!

          1. I presume you meant to say the trap is 18″ x 18″ x 3′ and NOT 3″. Also, do you have manufacturer name for this trap? I have NOT seen a trap with 2 doors? I love the sound of your results.

      2. We do same with mice, relocate them to piles of hay we purchase and place near the river. Next to hay we also have little houses for them with food and water (though there is also a creek close to them). We have not had luck catching rats in the cages so we could do the same type of relocation – we have some wood rats underneath the house and they do keep us up at night scratching at the walls. We have sealed whatever small holes we have found around the outside of house, but they find ways of getting in.

        We have stopped feeding the birds in backyard close to home – but sure hate to stop this practice. Don’t want cats because they can be so cruel to birds and critters. We have placed rags soaked with ammonia and also rags soaked in bleach, hoping the odor repels them away but it has not worked. At this point in time, we have run out of ideas. We will not use in humane methods to kill any wildlife – don’t want to kill them.

      3. Hi, I have rats. I live in n. cal. on the coast. My house is very old 100+ yrs. Rat-proofong is pretty much impossible. The crawlspace under the house is too low to access. The walls & attic also have rats. As I am remodeling one room at a time, I tear off the wall covering, remove the nests, spray with bleach, fill all access ports, and seal. I keep a clean home. Dog food and bird seed are in metal trash cans. I have havaheart traps but they are too smart. I clean the traps and wear gloves when baiting and setting, but they walk around them. I have a wildlife cam. I don’t want to kill them. Can you offer any other alternataves? Thanks. Jim

        1. double door havaheart traps have worked perfect for me. 6″X6″X18″. i never need bait, i have trapped 20-30 in 3 weeks. if its not working for you it might be where you are puting the traps. rats mostly run along the wall and like to be hidden be hind stuff. put the traps next to a wall then place something large on the other side of the trap and check it every day. “you dont want to kill them? ” get a cat or two they will kill them!

        2. Hey Jim,you sound like a very nice guy,you dont want to kill them.I appreciate you for this,)i wish i can give you my dog when i need to move from here…).But kill them,all

      4. I’m afraid I don’t have any helpful tips BUT power on dude! Your thoughtful process made me smile. Low trauma and a home more attractive than yours. Great!

      5. how do you catch them? what do you use? we bought two humane traps online and baited them and its been weeks but no luck. every week or so, I see remains of activity. last week, they were under our kitchen sink, chewing through a plastic hand soap bottle that contained natural orange exfoliation.
        what trap do you recommend? thanks!

      6. I’m happy to hear that you are compassionate to the rats and humanly relocated them, you did the right thing and God will bless you for being kind to one of his creatures. I had a pet rat that would come to me whenever I called him and he licked my hand like a dog would. My daughter has a guinea pig and it’s not as smart as this rat was, the rat used to play with our pet rabbit they where best friends and slept together, and chased each other around the room it was quite a sight to see, he was a member of my family and lasted over three years before he passed away, the rabbit would barely eat after he was gone and I was also upset as well, but he had a great life and I gave him a lot of love because he gave us love back. He is missed but will always be in my memory

    2. they will laugh at you and tell you, its not their problem..Kill kill kill them any way possible, who cares how violent.. they are freakin pest that chew up your home and cause disease!! how dumb can one be..kill them!!!

  4. My sister has a rat in her backyard coming from a neighbor’s yard and her grandson plays in the yard. What can be done to get rid of the rat?

  5. Maybe adopt a few rescued feral cats. Some feral cat rescues look for people with barns to take care of cats they rescued that have been vaccinated and fixed. Housing a few of those would significantly reduce your rat population since it’s likely that an infestation could come back in a barn. That’s one reason people used to have many cats on their farms.

  6. We have found rat droppings in our garage in florida but have not physically seen the rats. We also have seen chew holes in vents around the base of the garage so know that is their point of entry. We have not seen any evidence or droppings inside so at this point they have remained in the garage. What is the best way of getting rid of them. Typically we see roof rats here but since they are coming in the garage and not seen or heard signs of them in the attic thinking they may be Norway rats? We tried to seal the vents with steel mesh but they gnawed right through it to come back in. There is not food in the garage and never has been so not sure why they are trying to get in there at night. Our garbage cans are outside but in heavy plastic containers that are supposed to be rodent proof. any help would be greatly appreciated.

  7. I’m in Surrey BC and believe a Norway rat arrived in a dishwasher a friend gave me. It found it’s way to the hot water tank enclosure that is very tight to the tank. To keep it from roaming I’ve been feeding it dog food kibble. The cat can’t get to it. Help!

  8. Im for the blunt force trauma method. Traps, shovels and what have you. Let the tree huggers hug rats but I am going to e rat ocate them. Basically put them out of my misery.

      1. Oh yes KenD,i kill them like crazy.and i found a method to keep the others away.

        I catch them asshols about 3 of them and put them togheter in a barrel without food (i give them water)after 4,5 days they start to eat eachother because they cant hold it.and the show starts,sounds of death all over the place.
        And this way,i keep the others away.Just imagine when they hear this ones in pain…arghhh

        1. a family member does this using a bucket with water and places peanut butter in the middle of a stick and that stick is hanging over the bucket. The rat attempts to eat the peanut butter and falls right in. They walk around in sewer pipes, disease ridden, mate and breed like crazy, cause thousand dollars in damages to your property and vehicles, unsanitary rodents, bitten a friend while they were sleeping and she was given a shot cause it could of had rabies, they will chew through everything including dishwashers and wiring for your homes and vehicles costing you money and your time. Keeping them around is only asking for trouble. There main instinct is to find shelter, eat, drink water, mate and breed. My workplace is very clean but with a lot of hiding places, we have all our food in plastic containers with lids, finding a rat in your work space is quite troubling and makes you think you are not very clean and sanitary. Patching holes and small crevices up using foam, yet the rats keep finding there way inside. These rats walk around in brood daylight like nothing is wrong with that.

          1. Stuff steel wool in the hole before you feel it they cannot chew through steel wool make sure the steel wool is course

          2. You can also scroll scroll through the comments find my 5 gallon bucket idea or use a coffee can cut a quarter size glue a poison stick inside so they cannot carry it all nail the can and tree make sure that the lid is glued and your problems should be solved make sure the coffee can is tin rats also cannot burp if you take kids blowing bubble soap and soak grass seed in it it will kill them too and not leave a huge Decay smell to attract other rats to eat them they are cannibals make sure you soaked the grass good and and spread after it dries

    1. I hear you Dave! hats off to you! If the tree hugging shitheads love them so much, let them marry the damn rats! keep up the good work and kill kill kill them!!!

  9. These are some listings you can try:ASPCAAnimal Protective ServicesAnimal ControlIf all else fails, call the plcoie to find out who to contact or call a veterinarian he/she should be able to tell you who to call.References :

  10. Big rats are spoiling the drainage system and gathering the mud in the pipes making the drain blocked. In spite of keeping the tablets of rat killing also we are not getting rid of the rats. Do these big rats spoil the basement of the house. We are afraid of them. Pl. solve our problem

  11. the rats are in my home again. husband and I are 68 and not in best of health. how do we get rid of the rats before they make us sick? we also have what they call field rats and they are also in our home. PLEASE HELP

    1. I have a rat in the loft of my house, I have snap traps in there for about 3 weeks but have had no luck. Over the week end 7/9/15 I located a nest with 6 baby rats, but no mother

  12. A rat in my kitchen last week and no sign of him since. I have set all the traps and a cage and he hasn’t come back.

      1. I stay at a relatives house, almost 5 mos. Rats! Told him, but he isntdoing a thing. I hear them in several áreas lvngrm daily. Vacuum dropings, Piles of dog kibble under love seat. Saw a blachishrat RIM across carpet, around walls to the rat portal by outlet mear fireplace. I am miserable, little money to by anything. I am a stress case, I harté them. What should I do?

  13. Rats are disgusting. I don’t believe in humane treatment of such a vile creature. I have killed over 100 rats in my house and garage. I even have one residing in my couch. I don’t understand what is attracting them to my house. I will use whatever means necessary to eliminate them. They are good for nothing, like mosquitoes. Maybe I’ll try the baking soda and vinegar. PETA needs to take a chill pill :)

    1. Amen!! kill them worthless pest!! PETA can go to hell!! keep killing them in what ever way you can!!I will be doing the same!! cheers to INHUMANE killing of rats!!

    2. You need to keep the house really clean.Thats what i learned today.The place where the dog stay,etc…keep all clean,no bread on the ground,nothing.


  15. Rats occasionally crawl through my kitchen cabinets, helping themselves to my children’s treats. I caught one tonight in a live trap, and took it outside while I debated on how to dispose of it / dispatch it. Opting not to drown it, I instead sprayed it in the face with carburetor cleaner, which quickly forced a sedated and non aggressive state. I then bashed it upon the skull twice with a five pound sledge. Humane (enough), and final. Rats are pests, vermin, unwelcome, and should be disposed of accordingly. Live release of a rat is stupid and can be more inhumane that blunt force trauma, as a rat released outside of its comfort zone may suffer a long and agonizing death from starvation and/or the inability to quickly ascertain the surroundings and provide for its basic needs of shelter and food.
    Kill them all, as quickly as possible. Do NOT have mercy on them, for if you do they will multiply and dominate your living space until you break down and call someone with less compassion to deal with them. Do NOT poison them, unless you want to deal with the very real and likely possibility of rats rotting in your walls. Snap traps or live traps + dispatching methods of extreme prejudice.
    Kill. Them. All.

  16. Give me break! People worrying how to humanly kill rats! Really? Rats will destroy and multipy like crazy. Risk of disease. Just kill them any way that works regardless. Ruthless lil bastards!

      1. Yeah Jeff,kill em all.We al agree with your ideea and we go ahead,no matter if its right or wrong.just go ahead and kill them asholes

    1. Ive read numerous sites that say to use peppermint soaked cotton balls. My son has tried it and it works. Its worth a shot. I have a drop ceiling and they get in through some holes that the squirrels chewed outside my house. The holes arw fixed now but they are stull getting in. Im trying the oil. Im desperate.

  17. Heard a rat in our walls a month ago, but we were going away for 2 weeks, so I put off calling pest control. When we got back, found the rats chewed a 4″ diameter hole into our dog’s hard plastic food container! We called a pest control company that did an assessment to sealing up all the entry points into our home (in the roof vents, roof eves, dryer vent & water heater closet). Later, we found behind our oven, a stash of 1 quart of dog food near one of the rat holes! Sneaky rats!

    We placed baited traps out for 2 nights without setting them (electric, plastic power snaps, & traditional wood snaps). Then after the 2 nights & pest control sealed all entries (which is also exits to our house), we set the traps. First night, we caught 1 rat with the electric trap. 2nd night, 1 rat caught with plastic snap & 1 caught with electric trap. 3rd night (last night), 2 rats caught with plastic snap & 1 caught with electric trap.

    Seems like hungry rats will go after traps when hungry. Seal all entry/exits on the exterior of your house. Secure all your food! Set traps.

    Don’t know how we will find out if we got all the rats, but at that point, we will seal up all holes leading into the interior of the home. I am crossing my fingers!

  18. We have never had this problem before. We live in an older rural farm house and this is the first year we have had them in the house. We have had problems with them in the garage, but this year it seemed like they were gone. Well, they are back with a vengeance and we now have them in our house. We have no idea how many – we killed 2 – one with a snap trap and another one my dog caught and killed. We have traps set everywhere we can think of and we have not caught anymore, but we have one that is digging or chewing in our sofa bed couch and we have heard one in another area where we have some clutter we need to rid ourselves of, but otherwise no more have been caught. The traps have been set for 4 weeks now. We had pest control here and he put out more poison and set more traps, but still nothing. I don’t know what else to try or do – I live here with my elderly mother and I did not sign up for this by moving back with her after my father died. I read of a mix they say to try and the man who uses it swears by it – a mix of quick oats, raisons, and 20 minute mud or plaster of paris or Fix It All and he said they do not survive once they have eaten this. I do not look to go out and kill anything, but when they move into our home that is a different story and I will use any method to rid our home of them, so if anyone has any ideas, let me know. I am ready to move out!

    1. quality poison,and kill them all !If they die inside the house,you cover your mouth and noise with a mask and remove it.You need to kill them all !! before they multiply like the money in my account.

  19. I just found out my at tick is infested I’m a single mom with 3 kids and a grand baby on the way I need help to get rid of them!!!! What can I do and I don’t care how it gets done I just want them gone!!!

  20. I live on 10 acres in Shelton, WA and have an awful problem with the Norway rats in my garage. They are eating insulation, paper, etc. I am handicapped and can’t get traps. I also have dogs which I’m afraid will go after them when they die outside. I think they come in through the chimney and garage doors. HELP!

  21. I saw a rat enter through a small hole by our toilet last night scared me to death now this morning their is rat droppings all over my bathroom floor I’m pretty sure they are living in my attic and now in the walls im on disability and can’t afford and exterminator not sure what I should do

  22. I live in the Blue Mountains NSW Australia. We have tons of gorgeous wild birds which I have been feeding for the last 15 years. There have always been rats and mice around but recently their numbers have exploded. They are living in the walls and the roof and under the house. I have never wanted to kill them because I actually think they are adorable but they have taken over. I used a human trap and caught one and released it but after that I couldn’t catch anymore–even though I thoroughly cleaned the cage. I think the rat came back and told the others not to go in!
    There is no way to plug up every hole in this old house and no way to keep them away. Am at wits end because I can’t kill little critters. I feel like I have to move! Help!

    1. If you have an infestation you have to get like 30 traps let them feed off of the for 3 days or so. That way they get used to feeding from them then the next night you set all of them and hopefully you get them all. But make sure you wear gloves and face mask when handling the dead ones as they carry diseases. I read somewhere this would be the most effective way but you probably would have to use the snap traps.

    2. Yea, they are pretty smart and seems like the pass on the words. My cusin is got the same problem and he wanted to poison them but I told him not to… and tht I will find a better solution but so far I have not had the chance. But after reading all the problems ppl are having with these lil basturds I will have to come up with something effective, human, and fast working!

  23. My house is 102 years old plus I have a detached one car garage the same age. I am 67 and disabled, I have rats in the walls, I can hear them scratching. I know they’re in the garage too. I know they need to be killed but I want it done in the quickest most humane way possible, No Poisons. Problem is I’m on a fixed income and can’t afford to have a 102 year old house rat proofed. Because of my disability I can’t get up in the attic or down in the basement to look for entrances. I’m sure there are plenty. Is there any hope for me?

    1. You could try this.
      Call to your council and tell them your situation,please ask them help.If you have to exagerate,do it.This is very serious issue.Ask them to help you with a team who does this kind of thinkgs.
      Call them and ask help,if you cant afford to call for a team to do it.

    1. Palo Alto is close to Sunnyvale right? There is a Moose Lodge that if you know a member or ask politely, they may have some volunteers who can help you seal entry/exit points. Sorry I don’t live anywhere near you but the Moose organization does a number of community service functions. You could also try the Eagles, Elks, Volunteers of America, local Boy Scout Troups, etc. Call them or send a nice request letter explaining the issue and your problems with dealing with it. Be prepared to bake some cookies and send a sincere thank you letter. Sunnyvale Lodge 2049 is at 905 Kifer Road zip 94086 ph. 408-735-1377 GOOD LUCK!

  24. I need help we have rats in the attic…you can even hear them underground my catxkilled 2 of them already..I may just need to move I live in Cowley,Louisiana..

  25. Lived in my home 15 yrs decide create a bird area now I have 2 rats coming from a piece of no mans land at the back of my garden my german shepherd was useless just looked at them huffed and went to sleep dont want to kill them and they are not near my home as I have fencing dividing my garden but im worried about being over run got 3 cats but they dont go in back garden cos of my 2 dogs im disabled through ill health and spending 5 grand on my garden looks like I will be sitting rat watching cos cant kill them yuk

    1. speaking of sheperds.My dog was sleeping oneday and a rat was eating from his bowl.This guy is useless,a rat is not scared of him.

  26. I am staying in a shack and big rats are starting to climb on the bed. I fear for my 4 and 2 year old boys. What can I use to get rid of them PERMANENTLY?

  27. I am staying in a shack and big rats are starting to climb on the bed. I fear for my 4 and 2 year old boys. What can I use to get rid of them PERMANENTLY?

  28. My barn is being overrun with rats. I never had an issue with rats till last year when we found a couple rats. Always had field mice but those little things didn’t really bother me that much. This is overwhelming. I’m disabled and can’t do much bending so traps that I need to pick up and take somewhere to release them won’t work. I also have 2 Siberians so I have to be cautious regarding what is used. Please help.

  29. We deal with Rat constantly at work. Sanp traps and a lot of them. Do yourself a favour and drill a hole in the trap and tie to to something solid with a light wire. Or else you will loose a lot of traps. Place the traps on their trails in the grass, near baited food, entry/exit points they have made. Or in the winter, near warm areas. Don’t stop putting the traps out until they stop being full.
    Here is the part nobody tells you, If you SEE one Rat… YOU HAVE A REAL PROBLEM! You absolutely have more than one, and they are so comfortable in there surroundings that they don’t need to hide. You have an infestation. And no matter how many trees you hug in a day, they must be killed to elimante the problem. There is NEVER one Rat. Simple as that.
    Good luck, and bring a shovel to check the trap in case it’s not dead.







  31. My parent’s neighbors have chickens running all over the neighborhood and it’s turned into a rat problem. They are 91 & 86 so they can’t really do anything. I am to scared to take care of rat problems. Lots of open areas around the old house that need repair. what do I do????? My name is Cindy and my phone number is 713-907-1458. H E L P!!!!

  32. I have rats!!! I’m afraid they will take over cause I don’t really have the means to do a pest control program I clean and pick up food but they remain. I’ve tried sticky traps but they just ran around them. I’m so frustrated. Please help

  33. We have a Norway rat problem in our horse barn. The horses drop grain while eating and that draws the rats. I heard that these rats migrate every 2 years. They were gone for about that long and now they’re back. They gotta go. What can be done? We can’t put poison out because of the dogs and barn cats. HELP!!!!

  34. Hi, i live in the Uk and we have an allotment and the area is FULL of rats. Our 2 sheds and greenhouse is FULL of rats and mice and i want to kill them very fast and i want them to stay away for good.
    Any ideas of how to do this. I am willing to pay a lot of money to get rid of the rats so price is not an issue

    1. William Ashton

      Hey William,i am willing to share a secret with you in exchange offfff….lets say….10000 quid?
      Haha :))

      If money is not a problem,why dont you call to a company that do this kind of things?
      Go on google and type in with your words what you want to know.
      Call them and they will come.

  35. We’ve had a pest company working on a rat problem in our yard, but it seems to have only gotten worse. I see them scurry around at all times of day. Our yard is well-maintained though it does have elaborate, professionally-kept landscaping. As far as I can tell they use our pool for water, acorns from our oak tree for food and at first lived under the wooden steps leading up from our patio. Over the past month since the pest company has started with bait stations & tracking powder, we’ve found at least a half dozen more rat holes all around the property (mainly around the house – so far nothing inside!) I’m terrified & disgusted and becoming a captive in my own home which is frustrating for my young children. If this problem isn’t solved we’ll have to move. I need a solution ASAP!!

  36. Rats run across my fence. I no longer sit on my patio at night. I have poured vinegar on my fence. Will this detour them?

  37. my neighbor has rat infestation now they are migrating to my house i just want to get rid of them and keep them gone

  38. I live in a very old house and we have rats now. Big ones small ones. I have little kids and they are petrified. So am I. I live in Brooklyn NY

    1. Poison is the most efficient (but keep very waya from kids and pets)everytime when you place the poison,stick it or somthing to the ground,so the rats wont move it and bring it to your dog.Keep the house clean,tell the kids to remove even the smallest amount of bread or anything from the ground.Dont feed them asholes.Take care and luck

  39. Hi, I’m in Michigan, Grosse pointe to be exact, well there are tons of rats running around in my backyard at night also have seen them having a rat party in the street, like these rats arent scared of being seen, had one run right in front me, I lived here 12 yrs now, last year is when it started, the previous owners hit the garage and there’s a med sized gap that cannot be fixed without tearing and pouring new concrete, well these rats have pretty much survived cold weather bcuz I’m the only resident with a finished garage, my hubby and I do a major clean out every year Cuz of rat poop covers the ground, well found babies shoved up in the installation of the wall, got everything all cleaned up, I have kids and cats and one dog, here’s my worry never have they been by my house, went out to do some weeding behind my house and theres 2 large holes, along the back of my house which is brick and a basement, can they get into my house by burrowing down more, it certainly doesn’t help I have one neighbor who never picks up her dogs poop from the yard, and then on the other side of my house I got any idiot who’s got 3 bird feeders out in his yard! What can I do!? I want them dead, but don’t want them to die against my house ! Suggestions plz! I live very close to a major freeeay, which is why my cats are indoors only! I’ve thought about getting some fixed cats and letting them live in my garage, but I’m scared of them getting killed also

  40. I have a big pile of wood the fire dept was suppose to burn in Feb. Still waiting. Have grass 3ft high due to no lawn mower nor weed wackier nor neighbors who want to do anything but complain about it. I am being blamed for the rats even this the other neighbor had the rat in his house and broke his shoulder 5 years prev, are all in his shed where he smokes meat and makes sausage. They steal Decon cubes in a setting. I have an African goose and they have borrowed under ear food shelter and eaten her food, she’s scared to enter I know know why.. They r in my shed, I’ve seen proof. Tomorrow I’m going out with the vingar tho. I’m scared of them. I’m going to pour some in the gooses shelters holes until I can cut my hair, I’ll shave it off for her if I have to. My question is will the vinegar hurt her?

  41. I live in Jeffersontown, Ky. My next door neighbor has about 15 bird feeders in his back yard and for the past 10 years I have delt with moles and chipmunks in my yard. This summer my dogs began to dig at the concrete palettes under my shed and hot tub. I had seen a mole in the shed and assumed that’s what I was dealing with. Last week we trapped a small rat, so I began to set various traps daily. I have trapped 8 rats in 10 days. I don’t feed my dogs outside and I have not seen any damage in my vegetable garden. I am afraid to use poisons due to my dogs. I have told the neighbors on both sides of me of the situation, the one with bird feeders just shakes their head. What would you suggest I do?

  42. We recently have rats in our backyard. Our neighbor ( who also keeps a clean home, and backyard) found one dead in their pool and one alive in their trash barrels. I called an exterminator and he put out poison. We have found 3 dead rats, and it smells outside like there are more dead ones. How do you know when they are finally all gone? I can see their burrow in the mulch under one of our bushes near our deck and the exterminator said he also saw more burrows under our deck. Should we cover up these burrows? I’m afraid if we do that they will then try and come inside the house. Please help@ I can not bring myself too even go in my backyard!!!

  43. My small neighborhood straight up has a colony of rats. HUGE rats. They are eating up my vegetable garden and I fear for my cats health as he is an excellent hunter. What can we do to get rid of 50-100 rats?!

  44. I manage an 11 floor condo complex in Washington DC. There’s construction going on in three areas very close by and one of my ground floor units is experiencing an influx of rats. His unit backs up to a courtyard that’s fenced in . There’s a cement area and an area of bushes and small plants. There are multiple rat traps with poison packs in them set all over the courtyard but that isn’t stopping the influx. I’ved called the city and the Health Dept Rodent control but this guy needs something NOW. Is there anything he/we can do to stop the madness at least for him until we get it entirely resolved through the city?

    1. You can try to buy different poisons,not the same type and company.The rats are smart.
      I think this you can try for beggining

  45. My daughter seen a rat in her garage when she was outside having a smoke. really scared her; she jumped into her car, then called me. I said I don’t know, a live trap maybe, use chocolate or peanut butter to attract. or call the police?

    she told her fiance’, but he thinks its a squirrel and won’t do anything. she has babies in the house and I’m afraid if she sees 1-rat, there will be more. any ideas?

  46. Hi, our neighborhood has been infested with roof rats which have invaded my house. Now they are coming out of my closet. My brother and I have tried live traps, TopCat poison in the garage (but one of my dogs got ahold of it, luckily did not eat any of it, thought it was a toy), snap traps and got the electonic traps. We have gotten about 6 in the live traps, about 5 in the snap traps and 1 in the electronic trap that is in my closet. The electronic trap we put in the attic mysteriously disappeared. Tonight my brother noticed a hole in my closet where they are coming in and out of. I have called exterminators but they are way too costly for 2 people on a fixed income. We are at our wits end. When we told our landlord, he said to get a cat, don’t feed him and let him kill the rats in the garage. Don’t think our dogs would let a cat in the house. HELP.

    1. Oh I forgot to let you know I live in Ft. Worth, Tx and I have also used peppermint oil. It has helped somewhat but not completely.

  47. I have a rat that comes into my backyard every night. when I let the dogs out during the course of the night, I am out there with them. they are inside dogs. I have picked up all poop and there is no food out there, yet this rat keeps running across the fence when I go out there to get away. I always spray where my dog urine to keep the grass from burning and when I see the rat I have shot it with the water frome the hose. not fazing him what can I do humanly to get rid of this animal. thanks so much.


    1. Hey William,my grandfather learned me this: ”Is better that his mother to cry,not yours”

      so kill him mate,only one can survive.

  48. Hey guysmif i had to choose between killing them and let them stay alive,i would choose them to stay alive.But i cant do that.Im sorry to the people who think that killing them is not normal.

  49. We have a vine and tree-filled yard with an old landscape (terraced hillside done over 20 years ago with timbers and old cement blocks). The basic climate is high desert (Salt Lake City) but our yard is filled with tall trees and vines; very lush and shady. We noticed a lone rat in early spring but now we think there are small ones. They are not in the house but outside. I’m worried about disease and them getting more and more… What should we do? Bait? Traps? Not sure how to proceed…

    1. Hello Maggie
      If you want to use poison,please read this,it could be helpful to you.

      Buy good quality poison.so they die and wont suffer to much.
      Keep the dogs,cats etc out of the poison areas.
      Stick the posion to something heavy,like a brick for example (so the rats wont carry it through your whole garden).
      Find some places where you can place the poision.

      If you want to be more safer regarding your dogs or cats.Put the posion only during the night time.I think they come out to eat during night time,and not that much when is day.

  50. I think a have a rat in my dishwasher that I don’t use….. I heard one night , woke me up out of my sleep, I can hear it like it was scratching or gnawing on the cabinet near the stove, we brought rat traps and haven’t heard anything since but today while cleaning I swept up rat or mice feces… I’m scared to go in the kitchen and mind you I stay in an studio apartment…. I’m scared to death

  51. kamloops bc. river runs by us, and those living in apartments and townhouses and trailers are all
    noticing rats all of a sudden. So we are all catching these rats. But it is a war.PS our cat doesn’t care.

  52. I have snakes in my home as pets . And i feed them frozen mice . One red tail boa she eats 12 inch rats . tonight i saw a rat coming out from under my moble home and i have been hearing something on my roof . will moth balls keep them away i don’t leave food out don’t think there is water but i have not been under my moble in a long time please help the spring traps have not worked for me at all .

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