How to Get Rid of Mice With No Contraptions

A house full of mice presents many hazards not only to the things inside but also the people living in it. They are carriers of dreadful diseases and can destroy a lot of your belongings without you even realizing it.

Homeowners don’t bother getting rid of mice because it consumes a lot of their time or they just don’t know where to start. This perpetuates the problem until such time that it has become too big for them to handle on their own. It forces them to hire a pest control company to deal with the mice problem. This service alone will cost you a lot of money but it doesn’t include the repairs and replacements that you need to fix the damage the mice have already done.

In order to avoid this, you go out and ask a person you know how to catch a mouse or you look for ads that tell you how to get rid of mice in your house. Most of the time, you’ll get several ways that involve commercially-sold traps or artificial products that kill or repel mice.

While a lot of them are effective and a good start for you to learn how to get rid of a mouse, there are dangers that go along with it like:

– You can get caught in your own trap especially at night when the lights are off.
– Synthetic rodent killers have toxic chemicals that can come into contact with children.
– Mice who died from ingesting poison may die inside nooks and crannies in your home spreading the foul odor of a rotting body.

Artificial methods are not all bad because they supply you with safety information on proper usage and disposal as well as precautionary measures. But if you don’t want to take the risk, read on because the next section includes a guide that will teach you how you can keep mice away using natural methods.

Natural Enemies

Based on the scientific concept of the “food chain”, mice are not found at the top meaning they have predators. Common knowledge dictates that cats are their most popular predator we know this from catching them in the act of capturing a mouse, through cartoon shows and movies like Tom and Jerry, and what our parents have taught us. Keeping one or more in your house can seek the mice out on their own to get rid of them.

The mere smell of cat litter and urine in your home scares mice away. If you have cats, you can collect their waste and put it in a container that you can place near the areas where mice have entered.

But if you ask what is the best predator for mice, it’s actually the barn owl. It is well-documented that barn owls can kill an average of 15 rodents each night. A trained owl in a safe wooden shelter placed in your home is very effective because they can hunt at night. Just make sure that you have the same owl in the same nest since not all owls are as effective as barn owls.

Peppermint isn’t a mouse predator but they are a natural repellent. It has a smell that affects a rodents senses in such a way that tells them to keep away from it. You can strategically grow peppermint plants around your house to repel these pests. The oil from this plant also has the same distinct smell which means you can pour it on a cotton ball or other absorbent materials that you can place in areas of your home that allows it to spread and rodents will instinctively avoid it.

Things you can buy

Snake poo. Snakes are mice predators. But, you don’t want to let a snake loose in your area so you can buy an alternative for it, their feces. Pet stores and zoos have their dried poo in stock and you can purchase it for a small price. You can spread it in your surroundings so that mice will think that a snake is lurking in that area and they won’t dare go near it. As a safety precaution, you should keep it away from children because it is dirty and can harm them.

DIY Traps. You can make your own mouse trap with spare wood or pliable metal that you can join together to make a box that can encage a mouse. Think of a clever way to get them into the box like using bait. Once you’ve captured a mouse, you can drive and drop it in a place far from your home so you can let it loose.

Sound-emitting devices. There are gadgets being sold that produce an irritating sound particularly for rodents. Once you plug it in, it drives them crazy and they stay away from it and consequently your home.

Other organic products. Some companies like create products that use natural ingredients which you can apply outside you house so that mice don’t go near your home.

Steel Wool Pads. You can find these items in your local hardware store. They can block the entry points for mice and since its made of steel mice won’t be able to chew their way through it.

Things you can do

Seal off entry points. If you’ve seen a mouse in your house, you can begin searching for holes that they used as an entrance. Once you’ve identified these areas, you remember them and patch them up as soon as possible to prevent any more mice coming in. Materials like wood, cement, and cardboard are common materials you can use for a patching job.

Maintain a clean environment. Leftovers are a mouse’s food. If you keep them stored and throw all the other crumbs away, it is more likely that these pests won’t take an interest in invading your home. The cleanliness of a place is also a factor because these animals are attracted to unsanitary conditions. Trash cans are the dirtiest part of any home which means that though you need a place to throw your garbage you should find a way to keep it away from your home and from the common house mouse.

So, what is the best way to get rid of mice in your house? It turns out that there is really no single or best way to do this. It takes a combination of different approaches, from the practical ways of maintaining house cleanliness to knowing the most effective products against mice.

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    1. Hi I keep corn snakes, and would be happy for you to have droppings but I live in Birmingham, the best thing would be to pop into a pet shop or if you know anyone with a snake ask them hun xx

  1. I’ve been struggling since October 2014 to get rid of them, supposedly with the help of a professional company. They are getting worse, and have ruined my dishwasher. I heard about using Snake Poop. Where do I find that?

    1. Hopefully after the professional job and your dishwasher going south, the company trplsced the dishwasher.

  2. I live in a motor home out in the country. All day N nite all I hear r this lit feet running every where’s I can’t sleep. I’m a mast I haven’t has a heartache yet.. plz help me get some kind of sleep…

  3. This is the first year i have not had a dog and now I have a problem with a Rat in the house. I have tried sticky traps, rat traps, the ultra sound devices and it runs right past that. What else can i do here besides try to shoot it.

    1. Had the same problem. They’re after the dog food. We store ours in a large plastic container now. If you need snake poo go to a pet shop that sells snakes and as then to keep you some

    2. Find a snake skin and put it in the corners of your rooms and around your doors the rat the mice and the Rats will stay away

    1. We have a bunch of cats and a BAD mice problem…Cats are NOT the answer…Plus some people are stupid and think they don’t need to feed the cat cuz its eating mice …Cats still need food and water…The advice on this site is terrible…We actually caught a snake in our bathroom and STILL HAVE MICE so the snake smell didn’t do anything either…yes our pet food is in plastic air tight bins so the mice can’t get to it … I’m ready to move its so bad

  4. I’m trying to use a mixture of peppermint and cinnamon oil to repel mice. I use fragrance oil of peppermint and cinnamon. They are not essential oils. They are fragrance oils. Will this work? I mean they may not be essential, but they still carry the scents. Please help

  5. My concern with the snake poo is whether it is dangerous to my chihuahuas. If they eat the feces or a mouse that ate the feces will that harm my chihuahuas? I know how to kill mice but not without endangering my dogs.

  6. Where can I get snake poo to buy? I live in East Orange , New Jersey and I am trying to get rid of mice in my house.

  7. i have mice problem ive tried everything to get rid of them nothing is workin i dont know any pet stores around me i live in madison ohio what should i do my family lives with me including a child please help me thank you

    1. Good luck…I have cats dogs birds and a possum and a horrible mouse infestation…Actually found a snake in my bathroom so the snake must be here to eat mice and the mice are not scared of the cats or the snake and the snake had a horrible smell … I can’t use poison so I’m not sure what to try next …Thinking about getting used Rat bedding from a pet store to see if the rat smell scares mice away…may buy pet rats to keep mice away … Its frustrating for sure…Good luck…

  8. The ONLY thing that finally worked to drive the nice out was bringing a young stray cat home.. thank God.. and they stayed gone ..yahooo!

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