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Jeff R. Morrison
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Stonefort, IL 62987
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  1. I live next to a river, bordering 2 trailer parks that do not keep the lid to their trash dumpsters closed – the rat problem is horrible. The rats want to live in the attic of my house as it is the highest point away from the water yet within 300 ft. of their favorite dining facilities. Baits do not work, traps do not work. planting 127 mint plants do not work, electronic noise makers do not work, spray repellants do not work – have over $4,000 invested in every one of these the market offers. I must crawl under the house and repair the new break-in locations every 3 days. The 4 cats are overworked and frustrated as am I. The problem began 9/23/13. Nightly swarming is not the music and swaying motion I like.

    There is one (or is it a switch-hitting group) lead rat that cannot be dislodged. He actually calls the rat packs in to create new break-ins. Any suggestions to get rid of the ring leader + a goodly number of his follower packs?

    I understand that more will follow without the neighbors cleaning up their acts. However, if there is a way to eradicate the groups sooner, when they are smaller, there would be less property damage, more chance to sleep at night plus a way to buy groceries for my own table instead of buying expensive fancy labeled “solutions” that have had no effect on the problem.


  2. I just spent an HOUR telling an EXCELLENT WAY I eliminate Rats and found that it NEVER APPEARED IN COLUMN… WHAT IS THE PROBLEM… Damm.. and your phone number is DISCONNECTED…

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