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We are proud to officially launch RatControlTips.com, the encyclopedia of rat extermination!

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Here are several of the best pages on this website so far, pages we’ve worked hard on and are very proud of. So go check them out ;-)

1) Rat Exterminators > A well researched, quite in-depth article on everything you ever wanted to know about these guys. Also, if you follow the drop down menu in the navigation bar below this link, you’ll easily be able to locate a licensed exterminator in your area by simply selecting your Country > State > City (or Town). We currently support only USA, but plan to expand and list pest control companies that deal with rodents in all other English speaking countries on this planet. (project temporarily delayed) If you want your company listed on this website, please contact us.

2) DIY Rat Extermination > Ever wanted to learn how you can get rid of rats on your own? This is probably one of the best and to the point guides you’ll stumble upon online. Give it a try and let me know what you think. We tried to uncover the truth about all the old rehashed peppermint oil & cotton moth balls type of rat repellent methods available everywhere on the web these days and present the guide via a slightly different angle. Hope you’re going to like it!

3) How to Get Rid of Rats > Basically there are two main ways one should consider when attempting to get rid of these rodents: humane and inhumane. In this particular article we did our best to shed some light on both of them and attentively compared the pros and cons.

4) Baiting Rats > While it’s a well known fact that rats eat almost everything humans do, finding the right bait to lure these rodents into your trap may seem a little bit easier than it actually is. That’s why we decided to write another 100% free guide on this topic and let people know of almost all currently available options.

5) Rodenticides > The topic of using rat poison to control these creatures has been a pretty controversial one since the appearance of several animal rights organizations all over the world. Nowadays, more than half of all existing rodenticides are banned in United States of America and Europe, the reason being the danger they provide for both humans and pets.

6) Rat Repellents > A really concise follow up of our main Do It Yourself article on rat control, talking mostly about every single particular method, presenting both the pros and cons in a correct and rather objective manner.

7) Rat Traps > Usually, a PhD is not required when trying to kill rats using traps, but still, there are some things most people are not aware of, therefore their attempt to exterminate rats using traps fails. Go through this article to discover what professional pest control experts know and you don’t. Rat traps are still one of the most effective methods of rat control, when done right of course.

8) Is Killing Rats Ethical? > Home owners go crazy when rats infest their property, while animal rights organizations claim people should endure their presence and somehow try harder to get rid of them humanely, without causing any harm… Is this even real? Read this article to find out.

9) Shooting Rats with an Air Rifle > One of the most effective and “entertaining” (at least for some folks) methods to control rats on a property, farm, etc. Do you have an air rifle? Do you have the guts to do it? If you answered “YES!” to both questions, you may be eligible to do it. Go check out our page. We’ve also compiled a nice collection on videos on this topic.

Let me know if you have any questions guys.


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