All Content Finally Up!

I’ve been looking forward to this moment for a very long time already. As of today, all the main pages on are officially filled with top-notch content that will definitely help you become more educated on the rat extermination problem. I’ve also implemented some other stuff that I will definitely talk about in this short post.

All Content is Up

Yesterday I managed to add (after working for almost several weeks on writing it!) the Rat Diseases article and also had enough free time to publish the Rat Proofing and Rat Infestation ones.

Also, several readers kept demanding for me to add pictures of black and brown rats and I did it here and here. You’ll get to see some really high quality images of these rodents and also some interesting fact listed below each of them.

New Social Buttons

We also decided to use a slightly different plug-in for social buttons on each page and post since the old one was giving us a pretty bad headache by making the website load slower then usual. I hope you guys like the new buttons and please don’t be shy and start using them at once! LOL

Local Pages are Gone

After a long debate with my web developer we concluded the only way to decrease the load on the database of this website is to get rid of the several thousand pages for various cities and towns in United States and Canada where we initially wanted to list local pest control companies. Well, it looks like WordPress it not really able to handle this job properly and that it requires a lot of DB optimization to have 20-30k pages live on your website so we decided to move forward without it.

From the Web

Browsing online for various type of information (including rat control) should be a pleasant experience filled with plenty of quality recommendations from one website to another. No one really likes getting to a web site only to stumble upon an article with no external references, links and recommendations. That’s why I decided to add a “From the web” module at the end of each informative page so that readers are able to learn more on the topic on their own, from various other high quality sources on the internet.

That’s would be it with the latest tweak to the website in terms of content and functionality. Please let me know in case you guys have any questions or comments or if there is anything I can help you with.


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